JK7–SPA Wellness and Longevity

As spa and natural product pioneers who started out in the 1980s, we have long been at the forefront of health and wellness developments and have introduced many innovative new concepts in fields that include: At the JK7-Sullivan Estate & SPA Retreat on Oahu, Hawaii, we deliver solutions for those who are under stress, suffering from depression, experiencing health and weight problems, or feeling that they are out of harmony with life and the world. Our treatments are non-invasive, using neither surgery nor drugs, being instead based solely on a combination of enhanced natural therapies to harmonize unbalanced states of the body, mind and psyche

We welcome each of our guests with “the Aloha Spirit”, with passion and motivation to deliver the best for everybody.

Discover the key to balanced energy, joy and longevity, where a high age of 90-110 becomes achievable, by learning to live in the present moment, in the NOW.

»»We help cleanse and rebalance your sensory systems with our spa and wellness treatments for the 7 senses. more

»»We offer longevity treatments and exercises more

Do you wish to live to your 90s and beyond, with 110 years being achievable, and remain fit, healthy and creative into great old age? We will contribute to this with the following:
  • The JK7 – SPA Sensator™ Treatment followed by Yoga, Thai Chi and Qigong, with massages and other possible treatments.
  • Professional guidance and advice.
  • The next level of totally natural, highly performing skin and body care products, produced on site individually for our clients using new anti-oxidant and life-force enhancing herbal ingredients, based on our long experience with natural therapies..
  • Slimming without diet.
  • Supplement and Nutraceutical advice, which is drug- and- surgery-free and easy to maintain in everyday life.
  • With tasty, healthy, organic food and gourmet choices which become an adventure for your palate and good health.
We offer combined methods and therapies: an ALL IN ONE approach of proven natural therapies, treatments and features.

A feast for the body and all senses.

You gain the highest level of relaxation, rejuvenation and re-energization possible.

Discover the key to balanced energy, joy and longevity!